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Caring For Your Kitchen – Sinks

Follow our guide to caring for your sink and your kitchen will continue to look its best for years to come.

lease always use caution when cleaning your kitchen sink. Test a small patch out of sight first before applying to a larger area. Refer to individual manufacturer instructions in the first instance as these may differ from the advice given below.


Please do not put a washing up bowl in your sink as this will scratch the base of your sink.


A proprietary cleaner such as Shiny Sinks or CIF is recommended for use on stainless steel sinks. Diluted household bleach may be used but not allowed to dry on the surface. Hard water deposits can build up around the tap area and we recommend the use of a limescale remover – always follow manufacturer’s instructions.


A proprietary cleaner for ceramic sinks or CIF is recommended.
Stubborn stains can be removed with a soft scouring pad and/or Bar Keepers Friend, biological washing powder or dishwasher powder (sometimes left overnight). Do not use limescale remover.

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