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Creative Ways To Add Colour And Pattern To Your Kitchen

Our CAD designed Anna Wilson has a lot to say when it comes to brightening up your kitchen.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home – so it needs a personality as unique as yours. Whether you go all out with vibrant cabinetry or elevate your scheme with just a few bold appliances, adding a splash of colour can turn an uninspiring kitchen into a standout room. The kitchen is the perfect environment for experimenting with colour on both a large or small scale. When deciding on your colour, you should consider your space first – kitchens with lots of light can take on a bolder, darker colour. Whereas a smaller more enclosed room would benefit from lighter, bright white cabinets that will help create the illusion of a bigger space.

Your kitchen can be the perfect canvas for colour. The addition of block colour can act as a way of zoning an open plan kitchen, separating areas into uses yet retaining a streamlined appearance. The use of a bold colour can create an eye – catching kitchen that demands attention whenever you walk into the room. A green or blue may seem the more classic route, not too offensive on the eye and easy to pair other items with. On the other hand, brighter and bolder shades energise the scheme that could be neutralised with a natural or white floor and tabletop surface.

Statement Work Surfaces

Bolder worktop choices can be a method of adding a statement to your kitchen such as using a stainless steel, terrazzo and uniquely patterned stone worktops.

Using tiles and splash backs as a feature piece can be very effective by providing that pop of colour without committing to bright cabinetry. Tiles can easily be changed much more regularly than the furniture. Your feature doesn’t necessarily have to be colour, you can incorporate pattern through neutral geometric tiles or patterned glass etc. Selecting a few areas to imprint colour can help draw the eye around the room.

If you want to take the leap and try a bolder colour in your kitchen, but you are unsure on what it will look like in your space. Elements Kitchens provide 3D visuals of your kitchen and scheme as part of the design service, which allows you to easily visualise your space and how the colours work with your home.

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