Gina Napolitano

Senior Designer

"You know a good kitchen design, when you're able to match the customer to their kitchen from a line-up."


Gina Napolitano, Senior Designer


Gina is Elements' longest serving member of the design team, having been at the company for over 16 years. After finishing her art and design course at university, Gina gained some experience in interior design. However, she realised that it was the planning and spacial layout part of the design process that attracted her most, and decided that this was where she could help people the most.

What ignited your passion for kitchen design?

Gina's family is Italian. In Italy, food, making food, and offering food is a big part of their culture. It's a way to welcome people into your home and show generosity of spirit. For Gina, kitchens are the heart and hub of the home, and it's a privilege for her to help customers create something that will be a central part of their family life for years or even decades to come.

What tips do you have for anyone in the market for a new kitchen?

Try not to be too influenced by your friends or social media. Yes, it's good to look for inspiration, but you have a unique lifestyle and interests, and so you won't be able to just copy what someone else has done. Instead, any design or inspiration will need to be adapted to suit you. Ensure that you choose a designer who can help you to explore all your options so that you end up with a kitchen unique to you and your lifestyle.

Gina's Design Philosophy

"You know a good kitchen design, when you're able to match the customer to their kitchen from a line-up."

This thought is at the core of all Gina's designs, which involves two main approaches.

The first approach centres around the question 'why?'

"I love drilling down by asking the question 'why'," explains Gina, "this helps to get to the core of what the customer wants and the reasons behind their decision-making. Once we have this information we can frequently achieve the same results in a more practical or more affordable way."

Secondly, once the functionality of the kitchen has been agreed, Gina likes to add a stand-out colour, unique feature, or a bespoke element. This ensures that the customer's personality is reflected in the kitchen design, and demonstrates that she has listened carefully to their needs and interests. "I love adding these personal touches to kitchens. Most of the comments that I get from customers highlight these parts of the design."


Customer testimonials

"Gina took a lot of time and effort to get the design right for my kitchen extension and the pre-work paid off during the installation phase."

Mrs Green

Gina's case studies


A Remo Kitchen with Contemporary Textures

Creating a stunning, on-trend kitchen with an inclusive area for the family’s pets was the challenge when creating this kitchen space.

The clients were very keen to create a ‘wow’ factor in their new kitchen, similar in style to images they had seen in magazines. They were also looking to include versatile lighting which could be adapted for mood and functionality. It was a key requirement to include a usable space for the family’s pet dogs.

Gina's articles

Our kitchen designer Gina explores the design heritage of our Italian kitchen collection.

As autumn leaves fall and winter approaches, it is the perfect time to embrace the seasonal spirit and infuse your kitchen with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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