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Living La Dolce Vita in the kitchen

Our kitchen designer Gina explores the design heritage of our Italian kitchen collection…

Whether you’re talking about cars, food, fashion or architecture, products made in Italy are associated with quality, elegance and style. Since the 11th century, the country has been renowned for its long established tradition in manufacturing, and has continued to develop products that are inspired by its heritage.

Made in Italy

The country of origin label ‘Made in Italy’ is a powerful brand. It is a symbol of craftsmanship and prestige in the country’s three main areas of specialisation: Food, Fashion and Furnishings.

The brand is recognised all over the world, and the high value conferred by the ‘Made in Italy’ label has granted many Italian products prosperity in their individual marketplaces; one of them being kitchen furniture design and manufacturing.

Scavolini Kitchens

The kitchen is where Italy’s passion for food and family are united. It is a place where family and friends gravitate, not just as a culinary space, but as an inviting space for everyday life.

One leading kitchen manufacturer has managed to capture this sense of beauty and proudly promotes its heritage with their advertising campaign, ‘Italy’s favourite kitchen’.

With more than 60 years on the kitchen market behind it, Scavolini has become a household name, and lying deep at the heart of the company is an underlying passion for investing in Italian production and engineering. They have combined classic Italian work ethic and design flair with quality craftsmanship and carefully selected materials.

So when the question arises, ‘why buy an Italian kitchen?’, the answer is simple.

Italian furniture fuses style, function and form, and has a distinct style of its own. The world often turns to Italy to set the trends, as their influence on design is undeniable. Italian manu- factures have an inherent passion for design, giving kitchens the wow factor that everyone desires.

When buying from Scavolini, it means your kitchen is 100% of Italian origin; every aspect has been carefully considered, so you too can enjoy the Dolce Vita in your home.

If you would like to learn more about our Italian kitchen collection,  feel free to get in touch. Our friendly design team are always happy to share their expert knowledge with you at any point in your new kitchen journey.

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