NEFF Live Cooking Event

Taste the innovation!

Home economist, Jo Barwick, rustled up some delicious delicious whilst demonstrating the features of our NEFF ovens.

HELD ON: Saturday 29th June 2024

Time: 10am - 3pm

Location: Elements Kitchens Showroom, RG30 1EA

What you thought

It's been a relaxing afternoon and the staff have been really warm and welcoming.

Dee, Event attendee

Sarah and Jo1_ed

Event overview

These events are held to help people who have NEFF ovens, or are thinking of getting a NEFF oven. Our home economist, Jo Barwick demonstrates the different NEFF appliance features, making delicious food in the process, and she helps show you how you can make the most of your NEFF appliance.

Event video

NEFF Oven | Sausage Rolls

Watch sausage rolls being made in the NEFF ovens.

NEFF Oven | Honey and mustard sausages

Watch sausage rolls being made in the NEFF ovens.

NEFF Oven | Scones

Delicious scones and jam with cream.

NEFF Oven | Tear and share loaf

A tasty tear and share loaf for all the event guests to share.

Event Highlights

NEFF Hob | Frying Sensor

The NEFF Hob frying option keeps the hob at a consistent temperature.

Watch as Jo Barwick shows someone how to turn on the frying sensor and then make a quick and easy risotto dish!

NEFF Microwave Oven | Add Steam

Jo Barwick shows how to add steam when using the oven function.

This is handy for baking and reheating cakes, as well as breads.

BONUS | NEFF combi-microwave recipe

Vegetable Gratin

Easy to make and satisfying, a vegetable gratin really is ideal of entertaining. This dish is a great one to prepare ahead of time and can be easily adaptable to any season.

Vegetable Gratin

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