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A Star Wars Inspired Kitchen Fit For A Jedi!

Our Jedi-inspired Kitchen

This desirable kitchen features a contemporary Porter handleless kitchen in Stone with feature Unity doors in Reclaimed Oak, both from our Second Nature kitchen collection, reflecting the natural textures of Jedi Robes. As well as this, there’s a porter in Graphite on the kitchen island gives a nod to the Dark Side.

Caesarstone Cloudburst Concrete quartz work surface mirrors represent the industrial and sandy surface of Tatooine, with a red layer of Hot from Corian’s Bold range showing the frisson between the Dark and Light of Sith and Jedi.

We also incorporated LED colour-changing strip lights bring the excitement of the lightsaber, changing from Blue to Red, depending which side of the Force beckons you.

dark kitchen island with seating and blue LED lights

Eclipse black glass appliances from Smeg, with their futuristic finish and innovative cooking programmes, play with Dark and Light as the glass fronts switch from transparent when the oven is on and appears jet black when switched off.

Quooker Fusion tap in Black Matte, a 3-in-1 tap that reacts like a Jedi mind trick, producing hot, cold and 100°C filtered boiling water at the merest touch of a button.

A Kaelo open bottle host, shown here in Gun Metal, is placed on the island to keep a post-Jedi training refreshing chilled drink on hand.

Above the island shine pendant lights, the Two Suns of Tatooine.

We’ve also included an open plan meditation area, where you can relax and connect with the Force (or use for lightsaber training!)

See a 360° panorama of our Star Wars kitchen here!

Inspiration behind the design

Before designing the kitchen space, we created a mood board that reflected the Scandinavian and Japanese textures and colours synonymous with Jedi Knights.

Along with minimalist elements, we wanted a contemporary look that brought to mind not only the sandy dunes of Tatooine, but the dark skies of Coruscant and an echo of Yoda’s training ground, Dagobah.

We also made sure to give a nod to the metallic sheen of spacecraft and droids found in the Star Wars universe, and of course the colourful flare of a lightsaber.

Star Wars home kitchen mood board inspiration

Time to bring your new kitchen down to Earth? Go on a galactic adventure with one of our kitchen designers today!

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