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Tips For Kitchens That Involve Building Works

Tips For Kitchens That Involve Building Works

When considering a kitchen project that will involve planning permission and extensive building works, here are our key pieces of advice to help your project go as smoothly as possible.


Employing an architect and project manager is one of the best ways to complete an extensive building project, taking away much of the stress. You can also opt to save money by managing the build yourself, but this will take longer and more effort – employing individuals that specialise in each area of the build with make this process much easier.


Look to gather multiple quotes from builders and suppliers. Quotes will vary wildly but will give you different options for your build.


When it comes to designing your kitchen, allow yourself plenty of time to work through the process. There are lots of decisions to be made, so you’ll need time to carefully consider the options. Making rush decisions at the end of a large-scale building project can result in compromising on the finished result.


Dependent on project size and cost, it’s well worth considering finding alternative accommodation during the build. This will allow for a quicker build and not cost as much as a builder having to work around you. It makes for a much more stress and pain-free build experience!

If you would like to learn more before you embark on your kitchen project then come along to our next Design Seminar, where our expert team will explore the planning, design and build process in more detail.

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