Food & Photography Day

Savour the taste...capture the look

Live cooking & food photography activities were held throughout the day.

HELD ON: Saturday 3rd February 2024

Time: 10am - 4pm

Location: Elements Kitchens Showroom, RG30 1EA

Kathryn, Mim, Sapna_2040x1530

Event Highlights

  • Expert NEFF Home Economist, Jo Barwick, rustled up delicious dishes throughout the day.
  • Local photographers were in the showroom carrying out different activities: Kathryn Fell, Milena Ugrinova, & Sapna Odlin.

What you thought

It's been a relaxing afternoon and the staff have been really warm and welcoming.


It's really interesting! You don't expect photography or art at a kitchen showroom. It's really lovely to have that interaction and look at something that you hadn't thought of previously.


Event video

Kathryn's Food Photography Taster Workshop

Our photographers

Kathryn Fell3

Kathryn Fell

I’m Kathryn, a mum of two (very active boys) and a big kid at heart. I’m a nature lover and my happy place is outdoors in the beautiful countryside or by the sea with my family… and, of course, my trusty camera.

When I’m not outside, you’ll find me in the kitchen, baking, cooking and creating. I get so much pleasure from food – making it, tasting it, photographing it and especially sharing it with family and friends. Leafing through cookbooks and magazines is my idea of heaven and where my story began.


Milena Ugrinova

My name is Milena, but my friends call me Mim. I am a food and product photographer based in Reading.
I create mouth-watering visuals for agencies, brands, and hospitality venues with a variety of products and services. I wave my magic across freshly prepared food, packet snacks and ingredients, desserts, beverages, and non-edible products in a fun, creative way.
I capture the essence of food – the explosion of colours, the burst of ingredients, the textures that whisper about flavour, and the juices that tell compelling stories.

Sapna Odlin

Sapna Odlin

Hello! I am Sapna Odlin. I trained as a Computer and Network Engineer and have 22 years experience developing websites, recently on a self employed basis. I'm a technical geek at heart, but also an incredibly creative soul, I'm in my deepest flow state when running, editing photos or creating beautiful photographs . My creativity and passion is evident in everything I do, from photography, cooking and even spreadsheets! My husband and I love to cook together, but I also love to sit back and watch him cook. To observe the magic of growing our own vegetables and flowers to gaze at from the kitchen window during a rare quiet moment is one of my simple pleasures in life.

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