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Design A Kitchen With Working From Home In Mind

The kitchen is a multi-operational room that is constantly evolving.

Looking back at 2020 we have seen a huge demand for work stations to be included within a new kitchen space. The demand has come  from people working from home due to the global pandemic.

This trend doesn’t look like its going to stop anytime soon, as companies have seen higher efficiency from their workers, and at the same time saving money on facilities and office space.

Breakfast bar

One of the most budget friendly ways is to create a desk space using a breakfast bar on an unused wall, by simply attaching a work surface using wall brackets. This can often be done by using some left-over worktop.

Office pantry

Using a tall storage pantry as a small office space allows you to hide away your office when the work day is over. Having full length doors which match the rest of the kitchen furniture is a stylish way of hiding away your work clutter. Shelves can be put inside your pantry to give you the storage solutions you desperately need.

Extend and shape your worktop

In situations where you do not have space to put any more furniture you may want to consider extending your kitchen worktop so that you can transform your existing space into a practical and useful work station. Ask your kitchen company to shape the extended worktop in a way that’s more comfortable for you, rounded corners are recommended and positioning a plug socket nearby will come in useful.


Does your kitchen space have an annoying recessed space which you don’t know how to use efficiently? This space could be perfect for your new work zone, add shallow units with drawers for your stationery and shelving space above for a newly designed office space.

Use corners for work spaces

I have heard many times from clients wanting to continue the flow and feel of the kitchen into their living area and a simple work station can achieve just that. By using the kitchen furniture for the new office space allows the style to flow around the corner and into the work station. Not only have you just used an unused part of the home, but you have also created a new office which feels natural to its environment.

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