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German Kitchens: What Makes Them Stand Out?

Germany is well renowned for great engineering and manufacturing – There is a reason why Mercedes and BMW are giants in their industry – Kitchens are no different. Bosch, Siemens and LEICHT are just a few examples of how Germany demonstrates top-of-the-line products made for the world. In particular, LEICHT Kitchens stands for innovation, strength, individuality, high quality and a contemporary international lifestyle. Here are some of the reasons why they are dominating the kitchen industry today. 


LEICHT Kitchens | Lindner GroupLEICHT Kitchens made in Germany – YouTubeBuilt to last is one way of describing how German kitchens are engineered. Going through rigorous testing with their products in factories is how LEICHT manages to create top-quality components. Here is what our Designer; David has to say – “Seeing with my own eyes products submerged in water or slammed closed numerous times brings no surprise to why these kitchens are known to live on and on.”


Founded in 1928 by two brothers – starting out as a workshop, it has now grown into an enterprise. Providing goods and services to over 55 countries in which 60% of their kitchens are exported – “Made in Germany”. Implementing their philosophy into their design – it is safe to say the kitchens are a result of decades of hard work and vision. 



LEICHT has a reputation of being a high end, sleek and modern kitchen brand – therefore, housing it in amazing architectural residential houses just makes sense. Their website boasts case studies featuring architecture that speaks luxury. The kitchens perfectly compliment the surroundings, and this is what LEICHT does best – Implementing the best possible solution for your home. 



With over 20+ kitchen ranges to choose from – LEICHT kitchens have endless possibilities. Mix and match finishes, layouts and unit heights – it gives the designer a free rein of options to help create the dream kitchen. There are also multiple surfaces available such as – laminate, FENIX, acrylic glossy and colour lacquered.


High Class

Just by taking a glance at the kitchens LEICHT has to offer – there is no question that they are not just any ordinary kitchens. Using the finest range of materials and finishes – there is a sense of elegance and taste with how each design is shown. LEICHT only promises to provide the highest-class products in the market.

37 Aesthetics of a LEICHT kitchen ideas | kitchen, kitchen design, modern  kitchen


The idea of having a timeless kitchen means one that will not go out of style or functionality regarding what trends may be relevant today. It may be subjective what a timeless kitchen is – for some, it’s a traditional shaker, for others it’s minimal slab doors and high-tech appliances. The beauty of LEICHT is that its simplicity matched with functionality in their units makes for a timeless kitchen made to last.


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